the north post

Nordprodukter has developed a post that is made of composite material, which means that it is easy to handle, has a very long lifetime and can be integrated into a freestanding lamp post. What we mean by this is that the LED luminaire has solar cells on top that charge the battery inside the post – so no mains electricity is needed. The North Post is revolutionary in its category, is lightweight and can be handled and assembled by a single person with the aid of a specially developed assembly tool. Traditional lamp posts also rust below ground level due to external factors and unfortunately it is not uncommon for severe injuries to occur. North Post’s construction in composite materials eliminates the risk of rust, while the unique structure has a minimum of natural oscillation, which increases the lifetime of the lighting components.

The posts are available in various lengths, dimensions and colours.

The North Post is made of the same composite material as the North Pile and in a way that permits patent protection.

Durability / Lifetime

The lifetime is estimated at approximately 90 years. This is so as to make a comparison with other types of piles. The actual lifetime of this material is probably considerably longer as the material’s half-life is negligible.

The calculations were performed by the consultancy company RISE IVF (formerly (SWEREA/IVF) when the environmental analysis was performed.


ice resistance

The material is the same as is used in boat hulls and has been run in ice at relatively high speed for more than 30 years without the hull being damaged. The piles are stationary and resist the wear of the ice, for which reason these abrasions must be considered to be of a milder nature. The grip of the ice around the smooth, toughened piles is also not very strong.

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