The North pile

When choosing products, environmental aspects are increasingly important, not least for official permits for developments or new builds. With the North Pole, we have created a new and efficient way to anchor different units with unbeatable environmental aspects.

The North Pile has an ingenious structure and force transmission arrangement, as well as a securing screw that requires only a small fixed bottom segment. The piles are also flexible to cope with different bottom conditions and because of their low weight they are also easy to handle. The simple assembly requires less effort than traditional piles. The pile copes with large forces and stresses because of its reinforced structure. The securing screw at the bottom interacts with the upper force transmission part and, together with the cylinder and thread, forms a cover that creates stability.

The screw piles are primarily intended for use in jetty construction where the pairs of piles, side bars and decking construction interact and reduce the horizontal load and movement of the piles.

The anchor piles are intended to be used when anchoring floating units, base foundations, pipelines, buildings etc.

The pressure screw piles are intended for single use as a mooring pole, marking pole, fender pole etc.


The piles are constructed around a carrier consisting of a PVC pipe inside reinforced plastic. The outside of the piles is paint-sealed.

The piles are hollow and above the force transmission part there are a number of holes to prevent a bursting effect with ice build-up. With the aid of a specially developed calculation programme and testing, the piles have been dimensioned according to defined strength and strain criteria.


The North Pile is produced by experienced boat builders. These teams have extensive experience in manufacturing and production, as well as assisting in the development process.


The material consists of reinforced polyester, painted with gelcoat above the force transmission section.

durability / Lifetime

The lifetime is estimated at approximately 90 years. This is so as to make a comparison with other types of piles. The actual lifetime of this material is probably considerably longer as the material’s half-life is negligible.

The calculations were performed by the consultancy company RISE IVF (formerly (SWEREA/IVF) when the environmental analysis was performed. Read more about the environmental analysis here

ice resistance

The material is the same as is used in boat hulls and has been run in ice at relatively high speed for more than 30 years without the hull being damaged. The piles are stationary and resist the wear of the ice, for which reason these abrasions must be considered to be of a milder nature. The grip of the ice around the smooth, toughened piles is also not very strong.

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