Piles for bridge

√ Over 90 years sustainability    √ Low carbon dioxide    √ Intangible against ice


Piles for jetty, piers, moorings, and floating facilities

Marine piles made of composite materials

Nordprodukter’s marine piles for jetties can be adapted to both large and small projects in different ports. The piles are used for bridges, piers, moorings, fairway markings, foundations, and anchoring. 

The North Pole has very low CO2 emissions from a life cycle perspective and minimal impact on plant and animal life.

  • Unique and patented construction – quick and easy assembly with a unique function that can handle very large forces. The piles cut to the bottom and quickly achieve full bearing capacity, at 30% less dept than the competition. 
  • Sea and work environment-friendly- kind to the marine local environment and does not contribute any deposits or discharges. Due to its smart construction and long service life, it can be easily moved and reused without leaving traces of material at the bottom.
  • Graspable for ice. The smooth surface of the pole means that it gets out of the ice grip. The pile is hollow and provided with several evacuation holes to prevent pile bursting. 

Screw piles for large axial forces

The piles are primarily intended for use in bridge construction in ports where paired piles, side struts and deck construction work together and reduce the piles horizontal load. 

Pressure Screw piles for large horizontal forces

The piles are intended to be used alone as mooring piles, marking piles, fender piles, anchoring of floating bridges, etc.

Anchor pole and foundation pole for large axial and horizontal forces.

The piles are used for anchoring floating units, pipelines, and power lines, foundations for buildings, and wind turbines. The top of the piles is adapted to your wishes, use, and condition. Large forces can be transmitted to the bottom segment with these piles, despite the rather short screw-down part. 

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