Nordprodukter is established on the market and has by far the most environmentally friendly and economically sustainable marine piles. The piles are made of composite material from recycled boat hulls.

Our piles are installed in several ports and are used for jetties, rafts, stern anchors, buoys, fairway markings, and more.
All marine piles can be replaced with our products. And the best thing about our piles is that they have 46 times lower CO2 emissions than our competitors and a durability of 90 years.

what we offer

We offer the industry several products that will make a big difference to both ecological and economic sustainability. Nordprodukters marine poles and environmentally friendly lighting poles are something our customers can proudly offer their end customers.

Our products in composite materials can be varied endlessly and developed to solve several challenges that the market has in sustainability. Together with our customers, we make a big difference to the climate and the marine ecosystem!

Thanks to our patented material composition and technology, we have the least impact on the bottom and ground segments than any other player. And also with the absolute lowest CO2 emissions.

Sture Kahlman is a product developer with many patents behind him and many exciting ideas in his desk drawer. He lives in Fjällbacka and, after many years as a boat owner in the skerries and having grown up 10 metres from the sea, he has seen many kinds of problems with different kinds of piles and posts.

Sture was already working on piling and foundation reinforcement in the 1980s.

– I was a member of the Swedish Inventors Society and we were commissioned to come up with ideas to strengthen a building in Gamla Stan in Stockholm that was leaning, Sture remembers.

He then produced a steel screw pile that was designed to be assembled on site. The functionality of the prototype was tested in Gothenburg clay together with Chalmers, with financial assistance from the Building Research Council. The solution worked well. Thirty years ago, however, Sture did not have time to develop the screw piles further. It ended up in the hands of others. At the time he was focused on developing hand-controlled lifts for the automotive industry that created ergonomic sensitivity for the fitters. The work has resulted in solutions that are used by all industries worldwide today. 

– Some years ago, after I built my 30-meter jetty and saw the environmental consequences of this, I came back to my old idea of making hollow screw piles and pressure piles – this time in composite materials – and to exploit what I had learned about the design of the thread pitch. A large thread in a cylinder became the optimum solution for transferring large forces – with minimal environmental impact and efficient manufacturing.

Today Sture runs

Sture Kahlman, produktutvecklare för Nordprodukter

“The difficult thing is not to develop new products and solutions, the difficult thing is to make it cost-effective and environmentally sound, and to survive in terms of liquidity.”

Sture Kahlman, Produktutvecklare Nordprodukter


Nordprodukter AB was acquired in summer 2019 by Markexpo Mark och Fastighet AB. Markexpo builds modular, eco-friendly, ecological buildings with energy-saving design and efficient use of modern solar cell technology. They want to break new ground in the production of properties, development of virgin land and integrated energy solutions, as well as building products with the focus firmly on sustainability and the environment.

Nordprodukter is now part of the Markexpo Group and will thus continue to develop revolutionary, environmentally sound products, now with a focus on energy optimisation for both solar cells and wind turbines.

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