Revolutionary, environmentally sound products for a better future in the MARINE environment.

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ABOUT Nordprodukter

Our environment is important. With this simple motivation, we create products that have minimum negative impact on the environment, whether in material production, manufacturing processes, handling or in use: “from cradle to grave”. The products are also flexible, easy to handle and reusable – “We create revolutionary, environmentally sound products for a better future.” Want to know more?

The north pile

Our environmentally analysed product “North Pile” in composite materials gives you a new, environmentally sound and efficient way to anchor jetties, stern moorings and floating units and to obtain foundations. As well as reducing the work, being ready to use and not needing to be prefabricated, the pile is flexible, easy to handle and reusable. Read more.

the north post

Nordprodukter has developed a post of composite materials in which the LED luminaire is supplemented with solar cells on top that charge the battery inside the post. The post design is revolutionary in its category and it can be handled and assembled by a single person without any lifting aid.  The post can also be used in other contexts, e.g. in foundations and stands for solar cell installations. Read more.

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